Religion and Christianity

May 29th, 2011

From Religion than came Judaism, from Judaism than came Christianity. This book is written with an awareness of the tension, and with the conviction that Christianity message about life’s meaning a claim upon in the twentieth century. Our task, then, is to try to understand the biblical message in its dynamic context of Religion and Christianity, Criteria of Economic, Investments, and receive wealth from God blessing, and others benefits. Part of the inheritance of Judaism from Religious was Scripture, and part of the inheritance of Christianity from Judaism was Scripture. Jesus Christ in his preaching con-stantly referred to the Scripture, and the disciples followed him in this practice. They accepted as a Christian fact which directly concerned them the existence among the religion, and Jews of a body of writing received as sacred and authoritative. This body of writings did not profess to include all the religious book that had appeared during the history of the Old Testament documents which were in cir-culation among the Judaism at that period. This book is written for Christian and non-Christian interested in biblical history of Religion. It aims at giving them an introductory text and book for future refer-ence, not an exhaustive religious. One of the aims in writing this book has been to provide a manual for encourage, and hope. To this end numerous helps have been provide. But the goal has also been to encourage the readers to buy the standard lexicons and the language of the Holy Bible. The authors, therefore, have attempted to make this book as complete as possiblr for the beginner. The reader may then, without duplicating elementary books which would have been necessary for his or her beginning days, purchase the expensive but vital aids to his or her further study of the Holy Bible. I hope you will enjoy reading this book, and ask God’s for a spiritual blessing. In Jesus name we pray!


June 13th, 2009

Abortion is lawful or unlawful process. As the reader will learn from the subject “abortion”, it is the author firm belief that the abortion is lawful
or unlawful unlawful. Author advice is that even such commonly used of
abortion, should not be done unless you have consent from the Father or Husband. Example, if a woman is or isn’t marriage, physician much have consent from the Father or Husband before terminate the preg-nancy, the abortion is lawful. If the physician performs abortion without the consent from the Father or Husband before terminate the pregnancy
he or she performs unlawful abortion. The Father or Husband under the
Covenant Code, can seek revenge only two ways: (1) if any mischief fol-low, then thou shalt give life for life; (2)file a lawsuit. Example, two men
fighting might presumably hurt a woman with child while she was making an effort to separate them. If the woman does lose the life of the child as a result of the fight, her husband or Father of the unborn child can
determine from the judge life for life. Second example, two men fighting might presumably hurt a woman with child while she was making an ef-fort to separate them. If the woman does not lose the life of the child her Husband or Father can suit and be compensate, and the amount of the fine is set by the Husband or Father. God said, “Revenge of blood is
mine”. The author suggest file a lawsuit, the physician, clinic or institu-tion, do not take abortion seriously. The law reads, killing of a human being by another can be lawful or unlawful. Under this Code, there are no criminal liability, but civil liability when abortion is the subject. Under
the Covernant Code for family members, friends or neighbor have no rights to seek revenge or take the law in their hand. Numbers 35:16-18.
God and Jesus Christ forbad revenge, not to taking of a life, when could
be a judicial proceeding; but the murder must be brought to judgment.
The physician is subject to God’s judgment. Since no human Court is competent to try a case of abortion; God’s will revenge all people who believe in abortion. Jesus Christ says, “Thou shalt not revenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy
neighbor as theyself: I am the Lord! No Christian believe in abortion, un-
less the word of God said so. Remember the word of God, He that over-cometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my
son”. We who are Christian try to educate women not to terminate her
pregnancy unless it medical necessary. Thank you.

Race of Mankind

June 13th, 2009

Race is any of the different varied of mankind, distinguished by form of hair, color of skin and eyes, bodily proportions. A population that differs from other in the relative frequency of some gene or genes, a modern scientific use any geographical, national, or tribal ethnic grouping that belonging to a certain ethnic stock or group. Race has so often been the subject of stupid, ill-informed, and even malicious talk among whose who might be expected to know better, that it will be a well to establish straight away that there are no scientific grounds whatever for attribut-ing some inborn superioity to any race of peoples. Different races may, and often do, differ in the level of development they have reached in a particular direction, but this due to the influence of the environment, in the broadest sense of that word, and not to some mysterious inborn characteristic. Read the book for more information. Thank you reader.

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October 30th, 2008

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